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“2019 I chose to invest in myself. One of the best decisions I made was stepping out and signing up for Zumba. They welcomed me with open arms. The fitness instructor is absolutely PHENOMENAL!! This young lady is vibrant, full of energy, always smiling, caring, informative, inspiring, supportive, uplifting and SO MUCH MORE. She welcomed me with a smile, beginner instructions and a hug when class was over. She always ask us how we feel after every class. She make sure we stretch to relieve stressful areas, and gives us personal tips.
Her mom is truly Amazing. She helps me, encourages me and keeps her back row Diva laughing.
The Zumba ladies are all encouraging, we have fun, we're constantly laughing and mingling with one another during class sessions. It's a DRAMA FREE ZONE with a group of ladies that believe in supporting one another. I've lost weight and dropped pants size and dress sizes during my year at Penny Love Fitness in the Northwest Activity Center.
I thank everyone for welcoming me with open arms and a smile, you all ROCK and I look forward to Zumba 2020. Happy New Year Ladies, the best is yet to come. ”


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